President Message

Dear Customers,

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Fawema Enterprises, Inc.; nurse owned and operated company that serves individuals with disabilities of all ages in the State of Maryland. Fawema Enterprises, Inc. comprises of two subsidiary companies, Fawema Nursing Contractor, Inc. (FANCI) and Pool of Bethesda Community Services, Inc. (PBCS).

For many years, FANCI has provided outstanding nurse delegation/consultant services to agencies that serve individuals with developmental disabilities in communities in the State of Maryland. Our delegation system which includes ongoing quality review has enabled the medical/nursing department of Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) provider agencies to produce excellent licensing outcomes.

In 2010, FANCI expanded its services to include private duty/skilled nursing and aides support to children and adults including geriatrics with special needs living alone or with their loved ones in the comfort of their homes. Our private duty/skilled nursing department is equipped with quality driven nurses and aides who are competent in providing all types of care from assisting with activities of daily living skills (ADLS) to management of PIC and central lines. Since the expansion, FANCI has received several requests for services from customers throughout Maryland.

As the individuals with special needs in our community age and decline medically, their nursing needs also increase and the agencies in which they currently reside, or families are not equipped enough to meet their needs. In order to further assist the individuals with special needs, (PBCS), a residential program was established to serve medically fragile adults that require 24 hour support in homes rented or purchased by PBCS in the community.

PBCS provides and manages Alternate Living Units (ALUs) in the community for medically fragile adults with developmental disabilities to live healthier and happier lives.

What makes FANCI and PBCS stand above other agencies are not only our exceptional services, but our experience and in-depth knowledge in the nursing field, especially in the area of developmental disabilities. We would like to become part of your healing/aging process. Call us today and we will work with you and/or your family member to assess your needs.

Susan Konneh, RN, CDDN